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Protesters Gather Outside St. Marys Cement Over Safety Concerns

Workers are protesting outside the St. Marys Cement plant in Charlevoix, concerned for their safety.

The protests stem from an alleged safety violation that happened earlier this month.

That’s when a crane tipped over because a load was too heavy at a St. Marys Cement construction site in Charlevoix, but that is not the only cause for concern.

Workers have told us there have been multiple incidents on the St. Marys job site where close calls could have led to serious injuries.

Concerns really began to come to light after a crane tipped over about a week and a half ago.

Current workers and supporters are out protesting with a message: honk for workplace safety.

They hope standing up for their concerns will show they’re willing to miss a day of work and pay if it means they’ll see change.

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