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More Issues Expected After Cyberattack Hits 150 Countries

Computers around the world are expected to run into some issues Monday morning following a global hack that began on Friday.

Security officials say a second wave of so-called "ransomware" could freeze computers as people return to work.

Cyber-security engineer David Huss from Michigan, says it took him 10 minutes to analyze the attack code that helped take down the worldwide ransomware that hit computers in more than 150 countries.

At the same time half-way around the world, a British researcher stumbled onto the same solution stopping the spread of the cyberattack.

But not before it affected at least 200,000 computers at hospitals, banks and government agencies.

The attack forces users to pay $300 or risk their data being erased.

Investigators are still hunting for whoever is behind the ransomware.

Experts are urging companies to update their operating software and regularly back up their data to protect themselves.  

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