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Clare Co. Man Dies Trying to Exterminate Bugs with Fire

Promo Image: Clare Co. Man Dies Trying to Exterminate Bugs with Fire

“I was sick to my gut, it’s terrible to have that happen.”

With sunny skies and climbing temperatures, it’s easy to forget danger still remains.

“The one thing we forget about is how dry it is, we really haven’t had any measurable precipitation and all though we do anticipate some rainfall coming in late tonight it may not be enough to bring us out of our high fire danger,” Debra-Ann Brabazon, Huron Manistee National Forest said.

On Thursday crews rushed to a fire that got out of control in the woods. There they found Ethan Carl from Harrison dead.

“We were under a no burn permit so I was kind of shocked that someone out here was burning given that we were in the woods and no burn. It’s too dry for that,” neighbor Shelly Bergeron said.

“You generally don’t hear about someone burning to death. Burning to death is not a great way to go it’s terrible,” neighbor Shawn Allen said.

The flames burned more than half an acre, along with the deadly result, a high price to pay for getting rid of bugs.

“I think we need to look at how to recycle our yard waste and if we having pest problems we need to contact the USDA office and ask them how to properly exterminate those pests,” Brabazon said.

And if your burning gets out of control, the best thing to do is leave.

“It’s always best to call 911 and step away from the situation safety first. Safety of yourself and people in your home and your pets, and potentially leave your home so emergency personnel can get in there and do their job,” Brabazon said

Crews are still figuring out exactly how Ethan Carl died.