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Traverse City Street Blocked Off For Gas Leak

Promo Image: Traverse City Street Blocked Off For Gas Leak

The strong smell of gas could be smelled even blocks away from a significant gas leak in Traverse City Friday afternoon.

The Traverse City Fire Department says the call came in just before 2 p.m. Friday.

They had to close off Wadsworth Street between Eighth and Ninth Streets.

The fire department says a contracting company was excavating in the area when they hit a gas line.

They called 911.

DTE arrived and was able to shut the gas line off in less than an hour.

Even though the stench of gas could be smelled blocks away, the fire department says there is no danger to those living nearby.

Thomas Thompson, firefighter and paramedic for Traverse City Fire Rescue Department says, “We’re going to gas meter this area and the residents in this area to make sure there’s no readings and if anybody has any concerns they can give us a call and we can come out to their residence and monitor their property also.”

The street was back open shortly after the gas line was shut off.