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McBain School Bus Accident Prompts Concern For Intersection

Everyone’s OK after a Jeep hit the back of a McBain school bus.

As we first reported Thursday, a school bus had just dropped off kids when a Jeep crashed into the back of it.

It happened on Stoney Corners Road, less than a mile away from the intersection at Lucas Road in McBain, an area many say can be dangerous.

9&10’s Taylor Jones has more on safety concerns.

As I was working on this story, we got word that another accident happened right at this intersection Friday afternoon.

Viewers have sent in pictures of a three-car crash on Stoney Corners Road.

Two people had to be taken to the hospital.

It’s the second crash at this intersection in just two days.

Those living and working near this intersection say people drive carelessly, and accidents are pretty common.

“Accidents happen unfortunately, but no one was injured, there were no kids on the bus at the time and were very thankful about that,” says Steve Brimmer, McBain superintendent.

McBain’s superintendent, relieved to hear no one was hurt in the accident involving a McBain school bus.

But those working near the crash site say they see accidents like this all the time.

“It’s a dangerous spot because it’s tough to see cars that are in the dip here as people are speeding over the hill. I know at night a lot of times some of the drivers will do the trick where you turn off your headlights and look for other headlights coming and then just run the stop sign, which is dangerous,” says Isaac Burrell, Stoney Corners Vet.

Missaukee County Sheriff Jim Bosscher says the jeep’s driver was distracted.

He says the intersection is as safe as it can be, but drivers need to be more careful.

"We see people are impatient. If you are impatient and you are not going to stop and you’re going to try and cut in front of another vehicle just because you don’t want to wait, you’re going to get into an accident and that is going to hold you up for a long time and people do get hurt and sometimes killed,” says Bosscher.

The sheriff asks that people stay aware of their surroundings when they’re driving.

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