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Neighbors Concerned After Five Arrested For Meth In Farwell

Deputies arrested five people after they found meth inside a Clare County home.        

Tuesday morning Clare County deputies went to arrest Brooklyn Milliken for an outstanding warrant.

When they got to her home in Farwell on Thirteenth Lake, they found drugs and five other people inside.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was in the neighborhood and has more details.

Neighbors say this is a family friendly neighborhood and lots of kids are around during the summer months.

Now with this drug discovery, they’re worried.

“You come up here for the peace and quiet and it just blew my mind knowing that something like this is going on up the street,” says Bob Fintor, neighbor.

Deputies say inside a home they found meth and prescription pills.

Brooklyn Milliken, Kerry Eckler, Desarae Milliken, Barbara Wright and William Jones Jr., all face drug charges including maintaining a drug house.

“It kind of shocks me because there’s a lot of families around here and unfortunately it’s not so much as the owners, it’s seems like it’s the kids taking advantage of the elderly that do actually have cottages around here, and I didn’t even know anything was going on,” says Jason Tucker, neighbor.

Heather Wright was also inside but only arrested for outstanding warrants.

Neighbors are now worried about kids being around these situations.

“There’s two kids right across the street, one is in junior high and ones in elementary school. In the summer time, my nieces comes up, one is five and one is 13 so I mean they don’t need that. No one needs that,” says Tucker.

The community hopes to start a neighborhood watch.

“We as neighbors are just going to have to be cautious and look after one another. The stuff now a days, it’s killing people, it’s destroying families destroying their lives,” says Fintor.

The five facing drug charges are expected to be back in court later this month.