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What’s Trending Wednesday: Cycling Apps

It’s National Bike to School Day!

So in the spirit of the day, this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday is looking at a few apps to help you track your commute, manage your fitness, and make sure your bike is in tip-top shape for your morning ride.

Map My Ride

This app does exactly what it says…and in real time!

Track your routes, your calories burned, your distance, and your speed.

Plus, keep track of all of your data over a period of time so you can see your progress!

Free for iPhone and Android.


Much like Map My Ride, this app essentially turns your phone into a cycling computer.

Whether you’re tracking your distance, calories burned, average speed or time, you can get a wealth of post-ride analysis, as well as map to look at where you’re going and where you’ve been.

Free for iPhone.

Bike Doctor

Don’t let your bike get worn down by your riding habits.

This app helps you keep up with it by visually walking you through the steps for some common fixes.

$5 for iPhone and Android.

For more apps like these, .

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