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Melrose Twp. Garage Destroyed in Explosion

Wednesday 9 & 10 News had the only camera on scene just after a Melrose Twp. garage exploded.

Fire investigators are still trying to piece together what caused the building on Padgett Rd. in Charlevoix County to explode around 11:30 a.m.     

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik have more details on how other first responders stepped in to help.

The homeowners say they were too shaken up to talk on camera after the garage exploded, but they do say they have no idea what could have caused it to happen.

"Came across as an explosion and actual visible smoke in the area," Hudson Twp. Fire Department Chief Shawn Bauman said. "When we got here, it was basically fully involved."

Tools, fishing gear, a pool table and everything inside the Melrose Twp. garage went up in smoke.

"Damage to a travel trailer, damage to a tractor and ATV, but it was a total loss," Chief Bauman said.

One Melrose firefighter arrived on scene first and then an Emmet County ambulance followed and immediately began to help.

"We were second on scene," Emmet County EMS paramedic Chad Linderman said. "No one else from Melrose had arrived yet, so we assisted the firefighter that was on scene already."

"When we got here, there was a couple of the ambulance crew from Emmet ambulance that was actually fighting the fire while we were waiting for water and other support to come," Chief Bauman said.

Even though it’s not typical for paramedics like Linderman to fight fires, they’re happy to step up. 

"We work with the fire departments every day so, you know, in a situation we have their back. They have ours," Linderman said.

The quick response kept the damage to the nearby home at a minimum.

"Thankfully no one was hurt," Linderman said.

The homeowners say the garage was insured.