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Volunteers Help Build New Campbell Community Playground in Traverse City

Promo Image: Volunteers Help Build New Campbell Community Playground in Traverse City

In just one day, about 150 volunteers worked together to set up a new playground in Grand Traverse County.

The new Campbell Community playground is two years in the making.

In 2014, Kids Kove, the playground at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center, was torn down.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and input from the community, the Parks and Recreation Department decided on a new playground.

Tuesday, community members pitched in to help build the playground.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson show us their team effort in continuing coverage.

“Good turnout. That’s Traverse City for ya. Volunteers, yes we have them!”

With their hammers, shovels and drills in hand, around 150 volunteers came out to make the new Campbell Community playground a reality.

“Right now we’re building the stairs so then the kids can get up here,” says Brittney Birgy. “I’m going to be like, yeah I built this with my two hands. I helped build this with my two hands. I’m excited to make new memories with people here.”

Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreations has been working to bring a new playground to the Civic Center since 2014.

“This playground means a lot to a lot of folks, I believe,” says Kristine Erickson, Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation director. “It’s a new generation. It’s going to serve children into the future.”

Volunteers say one of their favorite parts about today is coming together as a community to help bring this playground to life.

“We are not skilled workmen, we are good gophers,” says Joyce Tkach. “We can hold something up for you, we can help you out. We’re a good cheerleading team.”

Parks and Recreation says the new playground is ADA accessible.

“It’s important that children of all abilities be able to use as much of the equipment as possible,” says Erickson.

It will be ready for the community to enjoy in two weeks.

“We’ll bring the two little boys over tonight just to look at it and we’ll be back over here to play as soon as possible,” Tkach says.