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Petoskey Homeowners Being Notified for Potential TCE Vapor Intrusion

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is notifying some people who live in Petoskey about the potential for harmful vapor getting into their homes.

It’s near the site of the former Petoskey Manufacturing Company.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan says when PMC was in operation there were improper disposals of chemicals, including trichlorethylene (TCE).

It’s been considered a national priority and is listed as a contamination site that the EPA checks every few years.

They detected TCE vapor levels on the old site of PMC.

The EPA is contacting about 75 homeowners to do testing to determine if mitigation systems should be installed at homes.

"We’re hopeful that were not going to find anything, but the potential is there and we want to make sure were protective of public health," Health Department of Northwest Michigan director of environmental health services Scott Kendzierski.

Levels are low so far, but TCE can be particularly harmful to unborn babies, and cause cancer if there’s too much exposure.