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Frankfort Planning Commission Listens To Concerns About Bed And Breakfast Expansion

Hours of discussion back and forth about a Northern Michigan Bed and Breakfast wanting permission to expand.

Serendipity House’s plans are causing a headache for the people who live around it in Frankfort.

"He’s got a right to make as much money as he can we all agree with that this is an issue of zoning variance," said Robert Fralich.

For hours people actively discussed a local bed and breakfast owner’s wishes to expand his business. But with that comes parking problems.

Serendipity House is looking for 13 extra spots.

People living around it say they already experience their fair share of problems.

"People have done silly things like backed into my truck or trying to turn around hitting someone else’s rear of their car causing damage to tail lights. Next thing you know you’re walking out in the morning with dents so there are issues," Robert said.

Tim Bannister, Serendipity House’s owner, says he welcomes people’s opinions.

"We are trying to discuss and work things through here. There’s a general feeling that we have a right to expand but not that much," Tim said.

And at the meeting people came up with a possible solution: encouraging guests to use available parking about a block away from the bed and breakfast.

"They’ll have to pass the bakery and the shops on the way back so it’s a benefit to the retailers as they walk back to their accommodations. They’ll be able to drop everything off and then walk a block through a charming downtown," Tim said.

The zoning board of appeals will go over whether Tim should get additional parking. From there it’s back to the planning commission.