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Jack's Journal

Jack’s Journal: Guitar Lessons

As a high school kid in the early 70s, he worked at a music store and in the evenings taught guitar.

“I think I was charging $3.50 a half hour back then and I had quite a few. I bought my first car on teaching lessons,” says Greg Seaman, guitar instructor.

That began a 40 year career as a guitar teacher. 

He’s had other jobs, but for 40 years he has been teaching either part or full time and he loves it.  Currently he is offering classes at .  He instructs young and old.

Greg says it’s never too late to start. 

With the young ones, he knows that many times he is the first formal music instruction.

“A lot of times music reading, when young kids take lessons with me, that’s the first exposure to reading written music. That’s the beginning, even before band class or before choir,” explains Greg.

He teaches multiple stringed instruments, but guitar is the big one.

He also enjoys the performance part of what students are learning. Knowing that being able to perform in front of an audience builds lifelong confidence.

"I’m telling you, you can do it, because you really can. I’m not going to get you on stage and get you embarrassed. When I tell you, you can do it, trust you really can do it,” says Greg.

So, the beat, I mean lessons, go on.

Guitars are one of Greg’s loves, teaching is another and after 40 years his students are grateful they are.

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