Clare Community In Shock After Deadly Stabbing

Sunday morning Clare Police were racing to a home for a domestic dispute that turned deadly.

Officers say when they got to the home around 2 a.m. they found a man stabbed in his chest.

He went to the hospital and died from his injuries.

The man’s girlfriend was arrested and she is expected to be in court Monday.

9&10’s Megan Woods found out how this investigation is shaking up the community.

“Wasn’t sure what happened, usually you see something taped off something happened.”

For hours, people living nearby a home on West Wheaton Avenue in Clare were unsure what really happened.

Nolan Lewis says, “I was walking home 2, 3 in the morning, something like that and I was coming up this way and there was a cop pulled over on the side of the road with lights on down there but on the sidewalk there was this big vehicle with two lights shining down towards me.”

After learning a man was stabbed just a few doors down and later died, it changed everything.

Lewis says, “Knowing that that happened I mean I was out walking around so there’s a good chance I was walking by the house sometime when it happened or close in this neighborhood. If I was paying attention maybe I might have even heard something that I didn’t pay attention to at the time I mean anything, it’s just odd.”

Now the community is on edge.

Jody Walworth lives on the street and says “We’re a small community and you know, it’s tough on a community knowing something happened like that, sort of tragic because people are pretty close knit in town and everybody seems to know everybody.”

Police say the alleged suspect will be in court Monday.