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Michigan State Police Share After-Prom Safety Tips

It’s prom season and while everyone wants local students to have a great time, police are offering a word of caution when it comes to what happens after prom.

Michigan State Police recommend that parents know where their children are and who they are with.

It’s also important for students to understand the consequences of drinking underage.

Troopers want students to be smart, responsible and safe.

“Safety is the ultimate goal,” says Trooper Patrick Pennoni. “Have fun. Have a good time with your friends, but do it safely and using common sense. For driving intoxicated underage, the penalties are much more severe, the license sanctions, not to mention it increases the risk greatly of getting in an accident, being injured or getting someone killed. So the consequences of getting caught would probably be less than actually injuring or killing someone, which would be far greater.”

Cadillac High School’s prom is this Saturday, while many other proms won’t be until next weekend.

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