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Hometown Tourist: Village Cheese Shanty

Promo Image: Hometown Tourist: Village Cheese Shanty

Fishtown in Leland is a place to see and feel the history of Great Lakes fishing culture, and amongst the weathered fishing shanty’s is a special place to grab a bite.

In this week’s Hometown Tourist, David and Erin take you to a place that’s all about cheese and plenty of other great eats.

“A historic fishing village that’s been here for over 100 years, all the shanty’s they’ve been functional fishing shacks at some point or another, and now they’re all turned into shops or cheese shanty’s,” said Julie Stevens.

At you’ll find a spot dockside to enjoy a sandwich and soak up some history.

“It’s a very unique place to visit and there’s very few villages that are still functional like fishing villages. It’s just a really fun place to come down and have a picnic, see fish jumping in the dam there’s still a few boats that function,” said Julie.

Inside this seasonal shack there are more than 60 imported and local cheeses to try or you can grab a Great Lakes themed sandwich to go.

 “Our signature sandwich is probably The North Shore, that’s the most popular one, all different forms of it we make them to order so you can change them up do whatever,” said Julie.

They’re up with the sun every day making fresh pretzel bread.

“The owner’s in here making it.  He makes as much as he can and when we’re out, we’re out, so you have to get in pretty quick to get our pretzel bread,” said Julie.

Gourmet food from an old fishing shack, this spot has become a destination to experience over the years.

“When we first open, people line up out the door, people call in to get sandwiches, and we just have a number of delicious sandwiches. Just come on in check it out get a sandwich, get a bagged lunch,” said Julie.