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Fountain Witnesses Saw Drunk Man Drive Through Lawns, Pass Out At Gas Station

“He could have hit one of those kids,” says Nancy Shirey. “That would have been a real sad story then."

Accounts from witnesses who watched an accused drunk driver smash his way through lawns, poles… even swiping buildings.

A pair of volunteer fire fighters called 9-1-1 after they saw a truck leave the road and get dangerously close to hitting their station.

Mason County Sheriff’s deputies say the Scottville man was seen driving through Fountain, before he stopped at the Fountain Market gas station.

Witnesses saw the man weave on and off the sidewalk, hitting utility poles and cutting across lawns near an insurance business.

Deputies found the man passed out behind the wheel after he tried to pump gas.

They say the man blew a .26.

Shirey, president of the Fountain Fire Department Auxiliary, says he could have hit kids riding their bikes nearby.

"What’s scary is that we have so many kids on bicycles running around, especially to and from the store and a lot of them don’t pay attention,” Shirey says. “He could have hit one of those kids."

The Scottville man has not yet been arraigned on a drunk driving charge.