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American Health Care Act: Business Owners, Insurance Agents Weigh In

People in Northern Michigan are reacting to the House approval of a Republican health care bill.

Many say they are concerned about losing coverage that allows them to get lifesaving medications.

Others think it’s a step in the right direction for repealing and replacing Obamacare.

There are still unknowns about the bill.

The Senate may change it before voting on it.

The legislation would rework subsidies for private insurance, limit federal spending on Medicaid for low income people and cut taxes on upper income individuals.

9&10’s Caroline Powers has continuing coverage on the health care overhaul.

“I hope we keep moving in the right direction with a full repeal.”

Jason Gillman has owned Industrial Covert Unlimited in Traverse City for 20 years.

12 of which he was able to provide insurance to his employees.

“We had healthcare for all of our employees for several years,” Gillman says. “When the Obamacare was passed our premiums doubled. It’s more than doubled since then. The insurance was inadequate and we couldn’t even call it insurance anymore. We would have been better off self-insuring if allowed.”

Two years ago, Jason had to drop the company’s coverage.

“It impacted us. It cost us greatly and it cost our employees greatly,” says Gillman.

Thursday’s House vote on the American Health Care Act is what Jason was hoping for.

“I’m hoping that we can walk it back a little bit. I’m hoping that this administration, the Republican controlled Congress can walk it back a little bit and get us back to where we’re more responsible for our own healthcare decisions,” says Gillman.

The bill now moves on to the Senate, where insurance agents like Geoffrey Harris hope questions are answered.

“What we do know is that there will continue to be subsidies or tax credits in some form to help individuals pay for insurance. Now the formula to determine how much you get and who gets it is going to change and that’s the details that are forthcoming,” Harris says. “It’s going to present potentially some changes to our business, our industry and for anyone purchasing insurance whether it’s individuals or businesses.”