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Traverse Health Clinic Now Offers Behavioral Health Services For Kids

Traverse Health Clinic announced an expansion of their behavioral health services to kids 12 years and older, just in time for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

Traverse Health Clinic offers both primary and behavioral health services, but behavioral health was limited to just adults.

After a community assessment, the clinic realized there was a great need locally and they are hoping this new expansion will help address it.

Behavioral Health Manager for Traverse Health Clinic, Jennifer Strange, LMSW says, “Integrated care is just exciting in itself just that we’re able to address all those needs for that patient in one spot, but knowing that it’s not having to have maybe a son or daughter go to a different spot that we can actually deal with that here and have the entire family’s needs met is a big deal.”

The clinic hired a new social worker who specializes in adolescents and have already started taking appointments.