Cadillac Area Public Schools, Law Enforcement Hold Cyber Safety Workshop

Kids and the internet, a combination that’s had parents concerned for years.

It’s why one school district is working to educate both students and parents about safe communication.

Thursday, Cadillac Area Public Schools partnered with local law enforcement to host a cyber safety workshop.

Earlier this week, CAPS sent a letter home warning parents about predators using Facebook Messenger to convince kids to send inappropriate pictures.

At Thursday’s meeting, parents learned about the possible risks their children face when using the internet and social media.

School administrators say online threats can start out as friendly messages.

“Some of the issues that we see start off as innocent. They’re just talking to a boyfriend or girlfriend or they’re just talking with a friend, and then they get a request from somebody they don’t know but there’s a thrill to it. And before they know it, we’re seeing these behaviors actually snowball into things that are very dangerous,” Shaina Squires, principal, Cadillac High School said.

The district plans to continue holding meetings, and is asking for the community to submit any ideas to get people involved.