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Wexford County Commissioners Discuss Upgrading Outdated Voting Machines

Some people who voted in Wexford County on Tuesday were using outdated voting machines.

The county clerk says those have to go.

Wexford County Commissioners met Wednesday discussing a possible upgrade in the county’s voting machines.

The clerk says the Accu-Vote terminals have been used for more than 10 years and are starting to break.

The clerk says if approved — the counties won’t have to pay more money to maintain them.

"Almost every time we have an election, one of the machines is breaking down,” says Elaine Richardson, Wexford County Clerk. “We had the public accuracy test we had for the Mesick election and the machine worked fine and, in the middle of it, it shut down. They are just older machines and weren’t built to last this long."

If approved, the clerk says the state would pay for the new machines.

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