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Off-Duty Isabella County Deputy Saves Man’s Life

An off-duty deputy sprang into action to save a man’s life.

Isabella County Deputy Tyler Bradley was heading to dinner Monday night with his family.

They were on Pickard Road in Mount Pleasant when Deputy Bradley noticed traffic wasn’t moving normally at an intersection.

He had a feeling something was off and went to see what was going on.

Deputy Bradley didn’t know what he would walk up to.

He thought it could be anything, from a drunk driver to someone texting.

But he soon learned it was something much more serious.

"Most officers notice traffic infractions, it’s just a habit," he said.

Just because he’s off-duty doesn’t mean Deputy Tyler Bradley is oblivious to what goes on on the road.

"I noticed a car turn from the right turn only lane turn to the left at the intersection behind us here. The driver of the vehicle was staring back at the car sitting there with its blinker on in the left turn lane," he said.

Confused, Deputy Bradley drove by slowly, He says he saw a driver with his head down.

"I thought something might be going on like texting driving or a medical emergency," he said.

But when he went up to the car…

"He was purple and he wasn’t breathing," Deputy Bradley said.

His training kicked in.

"To get him out, get him on a flat service, his airway open and his chest compressions keep the blood flowing in his body. Just revert back to my training it’s second nature I guess," Deputy Bradley said.

At first the man didn’t have a pulse. But thanks to the quick work of Deputy Bradley and first responders, that changed.

Bradley insists he’s not a hero.

"I’m not I’m just a guy who did my job I just happened to not be wearing a uniform at the time. We aren’t here to take everyone to jail and write everybody tickets. We’re protect and serve," he said.

Deputy Bradley wants to remind people to call 911 if they see anything out of the ordinary.