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Tamarack Holdings Officially Purchase Vacant Long Lake Elementary School Building For Repurposing

“This really becomes a very positive community growth opportunity,” said Gregory Young, CEO of Food For Thought.

Tamarack Holdings officially purchased the vacant Long Lake Elementary School building.

They will now continue their plans for re purposing it and adding on to it.

The main purpose will be to provide a production facility for Food For Thought but they plan to use the building for many other services.

They are discussing a possible collaboration with Northwest Michigan College and Munson Medical Center.

One thing they would really like to see is the building used for educational purposes.

There are no set contracts yet but many in the works.

“There’s going to be a number of spaces in the old classrooms where small food entrepreneurs can come and run their businesses, grow their businesses on this campus, collaborating with others that are on the campus as well as with other parts of the community,” said Young.

Ground breaking is scheduled to happen in the next 30 days.