Only Dog Left in Harbor Springs Shelter Finds Forever Home

"He’s going to make someone very happy," Little Traverse Bay Humane Society communications and marketing coordinator Jessica Evans said.

The only dog left in the shelter after an adoption event now has a new forever home.

Eastwood, a two-year-old lab with leg deformities, might need expensive surgery in the future.

When he became the only pet not adopted, the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society posted about it on Facebook and it blew up.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik went to the shelter Tuesday to meet the now famous Eastwood.

"We found homes for all of our other shelter dogs and here he was, sad and lonely at the end of the day and still looking for a home," Evans said.

Eastwood is a young lab with a sweet personality who was brought to Little Traverse Bay Humane Society back in January.

"We think he was probably just abandoned, dropped off and abandoned because his owner didn’t want to deal with that abnormality in his leg and so he ended up here," Evans said.

Last week the humane society broke their record, adopting out 49 animals, 21 of them just on Saturday, as part of the Bissell Pet Foundation’s Empty the Shelter event.

"As we were all sitting there, we were like, ‘oh my gosh, poor Eastwood. He’s the sweetest dog here,’" Evans said. 

Eastwood will likely need surgeries costing as much as $4,000, so they took to Facebook.

"Oh my gosh, this Facebook post was crazy," Evans said. "I’ve never seen anything like it in the four years that I’ve been working at the shelter."

All of the attention on Facebook has also lead to about 100 different applications all to adopt Eastwood. 

"It was amazing to read all of these stories of people who love animals and who would be willing to open their hearts to an animal like Eastwood."

The humane society was able to come to a decision Tuesday with the new owners of Eastwood hailing from the Detroit area. 

To all of those people looking to adopt Eastwood:

"Eastwood is an amazing dog, but there are amazing dogs everywhere that are looking for homes," Evans said.

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society says they do plan on announcing who the lucky owners are in the near future.

They will also be getting more animals from rescue groups this weekend.