NMCAA Program Helps Individuals Build Assets

A local program is helping individuals build their assets.

The Individual Development Program at the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency is matching funds.

Low to moderate income individuals looking to purchase a home, further their education, or start or expand a business are eligible.

Here’s how it works, individuals save a minimum of $1,000.

Then the program will match it three to one or two to one.

You are also required to take a series of workshops.

“The advantages is learning to save because hopefully, they have to save a minimum of $20 a month, and hopefully they will continue that after they purchase their asset or purchase their home or go back to school, so they get in that habit so hopefully they have that emergency fund down the road,” says Budget/housing counselor, Barb Stricker.

The Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency Currently has openings for this program.

If you’re interested in applying, click here

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