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Grayling High School Senior Saves Couple From Fire Prom Night

“It was a big fire, it was right next to me so I was pretty scared.”

A Grayling High School senior is now a hero after rushing in to a burning home to save a couple on the night of his prom.

Austin Molands, his girlfriend and a friend were driving back from prom Saturday night when they saw flames.

They raced to a home on Dodge Lake Court Road in Otsego Lake Township where they found a motor home and pole barn on fire.

The flames also spread to the garage of the home.

Austin ran right past the fire and pounded on the side of the house, yelling to see if anyone was home.

He says he saw a woman’s face in the window and quickly rushed inside.

Austin says the couple had been sleeping and didn’t know what was going on.

He got them both out of the house before anyone was hurt.

“My parents have always taught me to do things that aren’t selfish. They’ve always taught me to do the right thing. At the time I didn’t think about myself at all, I just had a gut feeling there was someone in there so I just wanted to make sure everything was ok,” Austin said.

The house, pole barn and motor home are destroyed.

What caused the fire is still not known.

Austin takes us through the prom night he’ll never forget, tonight on nine and ten news at eleven.