Baldwin Seniors Announce Post-Graduation Moves on Decision Day

Seniors at a Northern Michigan High School announced their next move Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was decision day at Baldwin High School where seniors reveal their post-graduation plans.

Many, keep it a secret until today.

 It’s become a tradition for the school in Lake County and big part of them increasing their graduation rate over the past few years.

“I hope we all just succeed. There’s nothing more you can do in life but succeed, go on chase your dreams and just set the bar higher each time,” said Senior Tyler Clugston.  

The culmination of years of hard work and dedication coming to fruition today for Baldwin seniors like Tyler Clugston. After being accepted to 9 universities, he settled on Central Michigan University.

“For four years I’ve sat up in the bleachers and watched as my friends, and even my brother in 2015, they just got whisked away and got up there and announced their future and now they’re out doing it and now it’s my turn,” said Tyler.

Tyler plans to study environmental biology and says today’s decision day event was part of what motivated him to finish strong. Another part, the Baldwin promise.

“I can’t thank them enough. $5,000, that’s a ton of money. It helps with tuition so much. For a lot these kids, especially in my class, we’re a very under represented area and we don’t have as much money as other areas so that $5,000 can kind of push us over the threshold,” said Clugston.

Mary White announced she’s heading to West Shore Community College to study nursing. She says college has been a long standing goal for her and her family and today’s announcement was part of the excitement of what’s next.

“I feel like it means that other people can do what I’m doing right now, everyone can achieve that. It’s very important to me because it’s like a step closer to actually stepping into the real world and going into something that prepares me for life,” said White.