Baldwin Community Votes on School Bonding Proposal

Voters in the Baldwin school district are voting on a 20 year, $9.9 million bond proposal.

The school says it needs the money to make upgrades to the junior – senior high building built back in the 1950’s.

The Lake County School says it wants to patch up the aging roof and do work on the parking lots.

 It also wants to buy new classroom furniture and new technology for students.

We spoke to voters with views on both sides.

“To me, this is a relatively inexpensive way for a citizen of Lake County to make sure our school systems stay at an appropriate level to support our kids,” said Tony Groll.

“I’m in an area by Big Star Lake where we already pay more than our fair share of the taxes that go to the school, and now they want to put more of a burden on us and I just don’t think that’s a fair way to tax,” said John Baatendurg.

The school says if the millage passes they hope to begin work on some of those projects in a couple of weeks.