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Two Week Long Art Festival Coming To Elk Rapids This Summer

“It’s a new project for the town,” said Doug Hickman, co-owner of Nifty Things.

A new event will be taking over the village of Elk Rapids this summer for two weeks.

What is usually a one day art fair, will now be a two week long art competition and exhibition called Experience Art Rapids.

There will be up to $6,000 in cash prizes for artists, chosen by the people and judges.

9&10’s Whitney Amann has more from local businesses and artists who are excited about the new event.

“One of the things we’d like is for Elk Rapids to be known as an art destination,” said Laura Andersen, chairman of Experience Art Rapids.

What used to be a one day art fair, will now be a two week long event.

“We felt that art fairs were maybe getting a little old hat and we wanted something new and something fresh and we also wanted something that involved more of the community,” said Andersen.

Artists have been submitting their art work; from watercolor paintings to basket weaving and sculptures.

They are excited to be a part of the beginning of something new.

“I think it’s a terrific endeavor,” said Ann Robinson, a watercolor artist. “This really just helps this whole region, boost its visibility just another notch from where it already is.”

Businesses are also looking forward to what this will mean for them and the community.

“I hope it’s very successful,” said Hickman. “We’re participating in it and a lot of the different stores will be participating as well. It’s an ideal time for us because the tourists really haven’t gotten into full swing yet.”

“It’s catching wind, people are hearing about it and talking about it and we were nervous about it being a first year event but the response from the artists and from the venues has been actually overwhelming,” said Andersen.

Artists will find out on May 10 if their art work has been selected to be featured during the event.

“I would be thrilled, I’d be happy with one but if they don’t, I’m going anyway because I want to see what everybody else does and I want to be supportive of what Elk Rapids and Art Rapids are trying to do for the community so yeah, I got my fingers crossed,” said Robinson.

will be June 10 through the 24.

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