Traverse City Middle Schoolers Sew Pillows To Comfort Cardiac Patients

A school project is teaching a group of students a lifelong skill.

Sixth graders at Traverse City West Middle School are learning to sew.

About 120 students are in the Creative Living class.

Students are currently working on making heart shaped pillows that will be donated to patients in cardiac rehab at Munson Medical Center.

Teacher Rebecca Walters believes it is not only important to have this skill, but also for the students to know they are making a difference in their community.

“Once someone undergoes open heart surgery, they are either stapled or stitched shut and encouraged to cough a lot to keep their lungs clear so they need some sort of a soft pillow to hold to prevent stitches from ripping,” explains teacher, Rebecca Walters. “So we are working on not only teaching the skill of sewing but creating something that is going to be donated to aid in the recovery of these cardiac patients.”

All of the fabric used has been donated.

Students will donate a total of about 150 pillows to Munson.

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