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Jack’s Journal: Northern Michigan Miniature Makers

Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Northern Michigan Miniature Makers

They make really little stuff.

They call themselves miniature makers, and they aren’t fooling! 

Generally they are making items for doll houses. You might say they are the furniture store.

Every doll house needs furnishings and accessories and that’s what Mary Jo Waldron and the group does once a month when they gather at the , and they work small.

“We work in one-twelfth scale, which is one inch to one foot. So it’s minute sometimes,” says Mary Jo, Northern Michigan Miniature Makers. “We have one member who works in 1/144th scale, which I can’t even see to do that.”

Pies, flowers, furniture: you name it and they have probably made it, sometimes for a doll house or maybe a shadow room. Nail polish, glue and odds and ends are their tools. Mary Jo says when you get started in this hobby your perspective changes. You can find treasures just about everywhere you look.

“I walk into the hardware store and I walk down the electric isle, and I’ll see something little tiny connector or the trim section in the wood and find something and say ‘oh, that will make a bowl!’” says Mary Jo.

The group also does holiday displays for the library. It’s a creative challenge and the Northern Michigan Miniature Makers would love to have you visit.

The group meets the third Thursday of every month at the East Bay Branch Library if you’d like to learn more.