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Traverse City PD Participates in Nationwide Drug Take-Back Day

Law enforcement around the state collected unwanted drugs Saturday during Drug Take-Back Day.

It’s part of an effort to give people a safe way to get rid of prescription medications.

There were drop-off locations across Michigan and the country. 

Traverse City Police say they collect the unwanted or expired drugs.

The DEA then picks them up and properly destroys them.

This offers the community a safe way to get rid of prescriptions without harming the environment and keeps them out of the wrong hands.

"I think the most important part about getting rid of these unused medications is it can fall into the hands of young people or people who are not supposed to have them, so they can be quite dangerous," Traverse City Police Department Sgt. Kevin Gay said.

Since 2013, Traverse City Police and the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office have collected roughly 10,000 pounds of prescriptions. 

Many departments also have pill pods for year-round disposal.