Traverse City Climate March Draws Big Crowd

In Northern Michigan people gathered as part of climate change marches across the country. 

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski has details on their efforts right here in Traverse City.

"There are people all over the nation that are actually standing up and making it clear that they are very, very concerned about our changing climate," Michigan League of Conservation Voters executive director Lisa Wozniak said.

People marched all over the country Saturday–more than 1,000 of them in Traverse City–sending a message about climate change.

"This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and there’s a lot at stake," Wozniak said. "Our Great Lakes are suffering tremendously from our changing climate and people came out to make their voices heard."

They gathered at the Open Space, then made a lap around downtown and down Front St.

"It’s good to see all of the mobilization," a marcher Maddy Baroli said. "It’s time and it feels like it’s happening so that’s exciting."

Those opposed to the march and it’s message were also there. 

"The so-called science is overly simplistic for political purpose."

The majority of those at the march Saturday say it was a day to be part of something bigger than themselves.

"Everybody should be a part of this one way or another, whether or not you can be at the march," Baroli said. "I feel lucky to be able to be out here and show support today." 

Marches also took place in Marquette, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.