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Shifting Sand Dune Consumes Guest Home In Oceana County

It’s a fight to stay ahead of a shifting sand dune in Oceana County.

The sheriff says it has virtually swallowed at least one building.

Deputies say the massive dune annihilated a guest home and is threatening a house nearby.

Deputies say people living along Silver Lake in Golden Township have been struggling with issues like this for years, but never this bad.

9&10’s Cody Boyer went to the home vanishing beneath the sand to show us what’s going on.

Crews have been coming and going constantly, hauling bulldozer bucket load after bucket load of sand out from around the house.

Everything except the cracked and twisted guest home’s front wall has been consumed by the dune.

Deputies say Lake Michigan and Silver Lake have shoved huge layers of sand onto shore.

It isn’t the first time homes around here have had to fight against it.

Seasonal homeowners say it’s been an issue for years.

Others who visit the area say it has happened before, but this time, it is a massive problem.

"It’s just amazing that it just leveled a house and the garage. The guy’s going to have a mess. They say it makes 6 to 8 foot a year,” Alan Sharp said.

We are told by crews working here that the current owner passed away and the property is owned by his family.

No one was hurt.

Crews say they will continue to work until dark and return Saturday.

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