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Couple Sent to Hospital After Tree Falls in Front of Van in Boon

"We kept getting these hard gusts of wind and, boy, you could just hear the wind howling."

A force of nature caused a tree to crash down in front of a van.

What happened next sent two people to the hospital.

State police say a man and a woman were driving down a road when winds toppled a tree directly into their path on Thursday.

The couple hit the tree on Haskins Road in the village of Boon, then lost control.

"I felt so sorry for those people. It’s really weird because for that tree to fall right at that specific time," says John McDill.

A couple driving through Boon were stopped by freak event.

John McDill heard it, and then saw it happen.

"I was in the kitchen and I heard this big noise, and I didn’t know what it was. I thought ‘boy, that was close,’" says John.

It was John’s tree that fell.

"I saw this car going straight down there," explains John. "Instead of going with the curve, it just went right straight off, over on the lawn, towards that guy’s trees."

A man from the nearby general store called 911.

John talked with the couple inside.

"It pushed the windshield right in onto him and her’s lap," says John. "She was having trouble moving her arms. He was in better condition than she was."

Both were sent to the hospital — the woman with serious injuries.

"It’s such a nerve-wracking and shocking thing to have to witness. You feel for everybody," says Margaret Holloway.

John says, "I just hope the good Lord can make those people well, that they are going to be alright."

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