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Leelanau County Administration Reveals Possible Senior Services Cuts

With the county senior population skyrocketing and millage funding staying the same Leelanau County is forced to make some cuts from their senior services.

Senior Services gets funding from a millage dated all the way back to 2002. Two weeks ago Leelanau County Commissioners had a special meeting and projected a $130,000 deficit in the senior services budget.

Commissioners decided to move $65,000 from the general fund to help out, but asked for reductions to cover the other $65,000.

Thursday during the Senior Services Advisory Committee meeting cuts like reducing newsletters, staff and eliminating snow removal and restaurant vouchers were suggested.

Leelanau County Administrator Chet Janik says, “We’re to the point now where we crossed the line where the number of people who are requesting services is greater than we can financially afford so how do we go forward and try to keep cuts away from the seniors most in need first so that was our priority.”

The full board of commissioners will review the recommendations at their May 9th meeting.

They are also planning to put a millage on the 2018 ballot.

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