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Lake County Deputies Investigating Arson, Family OK

Frightening moments for a family in Lake County.

Someone threw Molotov cocktails into the bedroom of a five year old.

It started a fire in the home around 2:30 Thursday morning.

The home near Idlewild was destroyed.

The family was able to get out safely and there’s no clear motive or suspect.

9&10’s Taylor Jones has more details.

Deputies say this fire was started on purpose, now this family is scared and devastated.

They can’t imagine why someone would do this to them.

“Sad that it would happen in a little kid’s bedroom, kind of disgusting,” says Patrick Roger, Baldwin resident.

A family shaken after waking up to a loud crash. Deputies say someone threw Molotov cocktails through a window at their home, the bedroom of their five-year-old child.

“We got here the house was fully involved there were flames coming out of the front bedroom,” says Sheriff Richard Martin, Lake County.

Fire crews were able to put out the fire within three hours, but the home is total loss. Lake County Sheriff Richard Martin says with Molotov cocktails as evidence, they believe its arson.

“We always will track down whatever leads that we have. The detectives are investigating some possible suspects at this time, but nothing is set in stone. There is always a reason to be worried after something like this happens,” says Martin.

Luckily the family of four was able to get out of the home safely. They didn’t want to go on camera.

They are in disbelief knowing the Molotov cocktails were just inches from their five year old’s bed.

“I just couldn’t imagine being a parent and that happening to my child, it’s scary to think that that kind of thing is happening here, and I mean I live in a small town, to think that that could happen to me and a child,” says Deb Goetsch, Baldwin Resident.

State police are trying to get fingerprints from the evidence, in a crime the community can’t fathom.

“It’s not heard of, it’s a really small town around here. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again and hopefully the family can get back on their feet,” says Roger.

If you have any information on who could have done this, contact the Lake County Sheriff’s department.

There is a reward being offered.