Forest Area Middle Schoolers Play ‘Game Of Life’ To Learn Financial Responsibility

A local credit union is teaching young kids valuable life lessons.

TBA Credit Union visited the Forest Area Middle School Tuesday to play the "Game of Life".

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students were sent to stations to make life choices such as a career, their transportation, insurance and healthcare.

Based on their job and salary, they then had to budget what they could spend on other things like food and clothing.

The credit union and school really wanted their students to get a sense for financial responsibility.

“It was just kinda weird seeing how much some things could be,” says sixth-grader, Meagan Lange. “You don’t want to get too much things that are really expensive because it will definitely wear down your pocket. Plan what you’re going to do first before you do it.”

The high school business math class helped run the stations.

Forest Area Schools say this is something they definitely want to do again in the future. 

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