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Firefighter Suffers From Heat Exhaustion Fighting Blair Twp. House Fire

“You can’t see anything, and it’s hot and noisy. It’s a whole different environment.”

One firefighter needed medical attention while fighting the flames of a Blair Township fire Tuesday.

Emergency crews responded to a home on Ironwood Drive after a neighbor called 911.

They arrived to find this home partially on fire.

Everybody made it outside safely, but the tenant’s dog later died.

A Blair Township firefighter suffered from heat exhaustion.

The Blair Township fire chief says it’s a condition they’re always on the lookout for.

“You look at people and see if they’re reacting slow, if they look like they’re just that tired or their color’s gone a little bit. And you know to set them down. We had an EMS unit on scene that was helping to check vital signs of everybody involved, so we try not to overwork people too much,” Jim Carroll, Blair Township Fire Chief. said.

EMS cleared the firefighter and he was given time to recover.