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Baldwin Community Prepares to Vote on School Bond Proposal

A big decision in one week for voters in the Baldwin School District, voters will have their say on a $9.9 million bond proposal.

This proposal would be for 20 years.

People would pay an additional .95 mills or $9.50 for every $10,000 of a property’s taxable value.

The school in Lake County says much of the money would go towards upgrades at the Middle-High school building which was built back in the 1950’s.

Some parents of students at Baldwin Community Schools feel this 20 year $9.9 million bond proposal will help the school make improvements that will improve the learning environment.

“I think we really need the improvements. I have four children in this school and I see the effect of the desks and carpet. I see a positive on the students itself. Every time we do something positive towards the students we see their scores greatly go up,” said parent Jennifer Debruyne.

From science lab upgrades to new playground equipment, to upgrading lighting and replacing ceiling tiles, the school has a lot they want to do, but some parents aren’t sold on the plan.

“I definitely think that the money could be used elsewhere. They want to do remodeling in the school, I would rather see them upgrade and maybe even build a new facility. The amount of money their asking for seems like an awful lot for what they’re going to do with it,” said parent Erica Sadler.

The superintendent says this vote comes at a time where the district continues to make major improvements.

“Most folks in the community are aware of the improvements, especially the academic improvement that’s we’ve been making here in the school district. We have more students going to college, we are in the midst of building a college going culture and we want the facilities to represent such a culture,” said Superintendent Stiles Simmons.