Traverse City West Class Business Aims To Provide Clean Water Around The World

A Traverse City high school marketing class created a new business this semester.

Students at Traverse City West Senior High School learn all aspects of business and then apply it in a real situation.

They worked with Junior Achievement to create Fresh Point Company.

The students are selling shirts and stickers they designed themselves.

$1 from every item sold is going to be donated to This Pump, which was created by one of the students and helps build water wells around the world.

“These are limited edition shirts," says Fresh Point Co-President, Emily Northway. "They’re going to a good cause. We’re surrounded by fresh water here and we’re trying to give back to the rest of the world. We tried to incorporate Michigan as much as possible, so we have the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, fresh water, sunsets, the white pine trees and scenic roads."

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