Elk Rapids Students Paddle Straits of Mackinac

It was a beautiful and successful day on the Straits of Mackinac Saturday morning.

To help celebrate earth day, a group of guys decided to do something huge!  Paddle board across the straits.

The whole idea came from 2 8th grade students from Cherryland Middle School in Elk Rapids when they had to do their community project. 

They wanted to raise awareness for Great Lakes issues. So they convinced their teacher, who is also with the group Stand Up for Great Lakes, to make the almost 5 mile paddle.

 During the trek they also decided to take a swim.

“Being out here with the lakes and jumping in 37 degree water and having the kids float on their backs, is something that you can’t put words around. It’s amazing stuff,’ said Kwin Morris.

  There’s much more to this story.  Stay tuned to 9&10 News this May for a special report on this historic paddle.