Wexford County Shelter Shares To Host Cadillac Novelty Dog Show

A Northern Michigan group is looking to raise money to help their local animal shelter.

Wexford County Shelter Shares helps get animals into loving homes.

They also assist with some financial needs for those adopted pets.

On Saturday, the group is hosting their second annual Cadillac Novelty Dog Show.

It’s a fun dog show for anyone and everyone!

As of Friday morning, 42 dogs are registered under 14 different categories.

“We would love to invite the whole community to come and be spectators at this event because people are showing their family pets,” says Wexford County Shelter Shares administrator, Judy Nichols. “They’re showing their furry friends and they would love to get people there to cheer them on.”

The event takes place Saturday at the Cherry Grove Event Center in Cadillac from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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