Roscommon Steel Drum Band Hits Road For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

One of just six steel drum bands in the state is getting ready to represent Northern Michigan at a national landmark.

Steel Syndicate is in its fifteenth year at Roscommon Area Public Schools.

Every other year they travel out of state.

But this time they’re taking on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

"It’s a really exciting trip. And it makes you nervous and everything," said Madison Warneck.

After months of going over sheet music and getting the notes just right, these talented students are quieting last minute nerves. And they’re ready to hit the road.

"I’m thinking wow I’m playing at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame it’s cool I’m just really excited," Jon said.

This is the first year the steel drum band will play in Cleveland.

A first, and last trip for some, like Madison Warneck. In a month she will put down her drum sticks and put on a cap and gown.

"I’m going to miss it a lot. It’s going to be weird not playing, because it’s not one of my pans, but I plan on buying one later on," she said.

But before the graduating seniors say goodbye, and some of the tight knit group goes their separate ways, they still have one thing left to do.

"Trip of a lifetime and they’re walking in the hallowed halls so to speak so enjoy it and get into it and sell it. It’s Rock and Roll," Seth Kilbourn said.