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Roscommon High Schoolers Put On Magical Prom

A night of full of fun for people who have a disability.

A group of seniors from Roscommon High School put on a prom.

Dozens of people with disabilities and their families dressed up and danced the night away.

Planning for this magical night started all the way back in October.

"It’s wonderful to see them being able to be themselves and being together and having fun," said Jessie Wade.

Prom: a night many remember for their entire life. The same goes for Michaela Wade and Steward Miller. Because this is where it all began.

"We had a prom back in 2013 and we were in the same classroom here at COOR school at the time and she was looking for someone to go to prom with her and I was and we went together and we’ve been together ever since," Steward said.

It brought back memories for not just Michaela and Steward.

"Think about their very first one and how far they’ve come in 6 years."

But for their families.

"I love being around all these kids they’re like family. They really are," said Jessie Wade.

"It’s like a second family for both of us and we are just really happy to be here with our second family," Steward said.

Because sometimes all it takes to remind us what’s important in life is one magical night.