Impact 100 TC Announces Two $127,500 Grants To Give To Local Nonprofits

Impact 100 TC set a world record among impact chapters and made a big announcement Thursday night.

Impact 100 is a global organization providing grants to local nonprofit organizations.

Every member donates $1,000.

Thursday night, the Traverse City chapter announced they had 255 members in their first year.

Which means they will be giving two $127,500 grants to two nonprofits in the five county area.

“This is meant to be transformational in nature,” said Allison Beers, co-president of Impact 100 TC. “These grants are an extra special gift, not just an operational grant. We want nonprofits to dream big, we want to absolutely transition and make their organization completely different or bring something to service they know they need to do that they’ve never been able to afford to do.”

Groups can apply online, and the winners of the grants will be announced in November.