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Hook and Hunting: Stocking Season

Promo Image: Hook and Hunting: Stocking Season

Good news for anglers, the DNR’s fish stocking season is in full swing across the Great Lakes.

Salmon, trout and several other species of fish are being stocked in Northern Michigan’s waterways, either by truck or direct pipeline from the hatchery.

Over the course of 4 months, the DNR will stock nearly 26 million fish.

They say the amount of species stocked is carefully monitored to create stable ecosystems.

“If the balance is off, then typically you can have population declines due to reduced availability for forage for predators. If it goes the other way with too many predators, then they can potentially collapse a species within a basin,” Paul Stowe, natural resources manager, DNR said.

The DNR says their stocking trucks will drive over 100,000 miles this year to stock over 700 locations.