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C.O.V.E. In Ludington Partners With Second Chance Humane Society

A Mason County domestic violence shelter, making life easier for those who don’t want to leave behind beloved pets.

C.O.V.E. which stands for Communities Overcoming Violent Encounters, in Ludington is partnering with Second Chance Humane Society.

C.O.V.E. is a shelter that helps victims in violent relationships.

Second Chance Humane Society reached out to C.O.V.E. saying they would shelter animals for victims.

C.O.V.E. says a lot of times they find people won’t leave violent relationship because they are afraid to leave behind a pet.

Now with Second Chance Humane Society’s help, people will have peace of mind knowing their pet will be okay.

“Quality of care for someone’s animal is so important because we wouldn’t just leave our child with just anyone and so we think about that with our pets as well, so to have an organization that feels comfortable to partner with it really does help them on the path toward being independent, feeling empowered, we don’t want and to hold them back,” says Karrie Rangel, Director of Marketing and Communications at C.O.V.E.

Second Chance will foster cats and dogs and assist with finding foster families for larger pets like horses.

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