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TCAPS Assure Concerned Parents, Students After Social Media Threats

Threats on social media have parents and students at Traverse City Public Schools worried, and staff taking action.

Snapchats were sent around over the last few weeks, and rumors started about a possible shooting at the school Thursday.

TCAPS says there is no serious threat.

They’re now following protocol and taking all steps and precautions with Traverse City police to make sure students are kept safe and that the threats are dealt with.

Even so, parents are upset.

“The email was very vague this morning. It made me concerned as to what the concerns were. I probably would have been better not receiving the email it was just questions all day as to what was so concerning, social media now a days,” Heather Dreves said.

“These are our kids and you know they are our investment in life and nobody has the right to come in and take them,” Rebecca Rasho said.

Again TCAPS and Traverse City police want the public to know there are no serious threats and proper protocol was followed.