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Roscommon County War Veterans Presented Medals From Congressman Moolenaar

Decades after serving their country in conflict overseas…

Several war veterans received the recognition they deserve.

In Prudenville on Wednesday, Congressman John Moolenaar presented service medals to both Korean war veteran Peter Zolin, to the wife of Lynn Chidester, a World War II veteran who passed away last year, and Earl Jones, who served his country for decades.

Chidester also fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

Zolin was a main gunner for a tank.

Another man, Earl Jones, a 30-year veteran of service experiencing including the National Guard, also received several medals.

Zolin earned three and Chidester received seven medals posthumously.

Lynn’s wife says getting the medals is an honor long-awaited for every veteran there.

"It’s very important that these medals were obtained because they will pass from son to grandchildren and I’m sure it will mean a lot to them someday,” says Mary Chidester. “It means the world to know that he was recognized for what he did."