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Congressman John Moolenaar Hosts Cadillac Town Hall

Congressman John Moolenaar hosting a packed town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon in Cadillac.

People showed up with plenty of questions.

Dozens of people attended the town hall held at the Cadillac Public Library.

Questions ranged from the future of health care and tax reform to possible cuts in the federal budget, to programs like Meals on Wheels and Great Lakes funding.

 Things grew tense when issues like climate change and President Trump not releasing his tax returns were brought up.

Those attending hope the congressman listened to their concerns.

We also asked him about President Trump reauthorizing the Veteran’s Choice Act on Wednesday.

“One of the encouraging things to me was to see the head of the VA overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate. It was a bipartisan goal of getting someone in there who can make the reforms needed for the accountabilities so our veterans get the best possible service, and I hope this legislation is one step forward on that,” said Moolenaar.

“I hope that he understands that we have a re-energized democracy and people want it to be representative of all of us. I hope he hears our concerns and pays attention to what the polls are saying,” said Joyce Oatley who attended.

Congressman Moolenaar will host another town hall Thursday night on the campus of Central Michigan University.